Tips for Pulling a Travel Trailer for the First Time in Los Angeles, CA; Rear Driver Visibility & More

Though towing may seem difficult and perhaps a little unnerving, it isn’t as complex as you may suppose. Many folks enjoy traveling and camping throughout the year, and the travel trailer often defrays the cost and offers more commodities. Today, we at Cheap Towing would like to offer some tips for you towing your travel trailer in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area.

What Do I Need to Pull a Travel Trailer?

1) Properly hitch the trailer. Correctly and safely hitching the travel trailer is the first order of business. Ensure the cables are connected and that the electronics are working efficiently and always double check the hitch to make sure it is securely locked.
2) Evaluate the weight distribution. After you are properly hitched, check the weight disruption. A visual inspection can be done on while you are parked on a flat surface. After the visual check, on the flat surface, check to see if you notice any tipping away or towards the hitch; if anything is obvious, something is off and will need adjusting. An unbalanced weight can cause the act of towing a travel trailer to go badly. Simply visit nearest truck scale and have your vehicles balanced.
3) Increase the rear driver visibility. If you don’t have a rearview camera, be sure your side mirrors are properly adjusting. Your travel trailer at the end should be visible via both side mirrors, so make adjustments as needed.
4) Inspect brakes and brake controller. Check your brakes to make certain they are calibrated is next on the checklist. The brake controller is the mechanism that triggers the brakes on your travel trailer after stepping on the tow truck breaks. Test the brakes:
– Get your vehicle up to about 10mph.
– Apply the brakes, your travel trailer should slightly tug back on your truck.
– If the tug is not obvious or you feel the trailer pushing your tow truck, set the brake controller setting higher.
– Should you feel a sudden jerk and the trailer stops you uncontrollably, you will want to lower the setting down.
– Repeat the test until the brakes accordingly.
5) Height check under bridges & overpasses. You need to know what the height is to ensure you avoid damage when driving under bridges or overpasses.
6) Travel trailer turning radius. There are is one main rule of thumb you should be aware of, though turning is not difficult. The guideline is the longer the travel trailer, the wider turn will need to be. Never make turns too fast or any sharper than 90-degrees.
7) When hauling a travel trailer, brake carefully. Always mind your braking and do so carefully, even if you know the brakes are properly calibrated. When you apply the brakes, your stopping distance will be longer due to the combined weight is huge when towing a travel trailer. Keep plenty of distance between you and other vehicles.
8) On the highway, stay in the right lane when towing a trailer. Maintain your speed and position on the right lane and only leave it if necessary or if you need to pass and then go back in the right lane.
9) Maintain a slow speed when pulling travel trailer. When you are towing, make sure you have plenty of time and keep it slow and steady.

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