How to Prevent Damage when Towing a Car in Reseda, CA; Put in Neutral, Roll Up Windows & More

When a vehicle breaks down and requires more than simple roadside services to repair, you have no other choice but to have it towed. When a vehicle needs to be towed there are a few simple steps you will want to take to ensure your vehicle loads safely and arrives to its destination without damage. Most tow truck drivers are very experienced with loading vehicles. However, there are some habits or lack of insight that can cause damages to a vehicle when it is being towed. Cheap Towing wants to ensure all vehicles are safely towed by sharing a few steps you can take to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Release Emergency Brake & Put Car in Neutral

One of the common ways a vehicle is damaged is when the vehicle is loaded while the emergency brake is on. Many people use the emergency brake each time they park their car. Some may engage the brake when their vehicle breaks down. When a tow truck loads a vehicle with the emergency brakes on, it can damage the brakes and the routers. This same problem can occur if the vehicle is in park. To prevent damages to your vehicle’s braking system and its wheels, make sure the emergency brakes are off and the vehicle is set in the neutral position when it is being towed. The brake is mostly a problem for rear lift tow trucks since two wheels will be on the ground. Flatbed trucks are much different in the sense the entire vehicle is loaded on a platform. However, depending on how the tow truck driver loads your vehicle, you may still need to release the emergency brakes.

Roll Up or Close Windows

Often when a vehicle breaks down and requires towing, the A/C isn’t always running. Many will roll down their windows to cool down while they wait for the tow truck. When the vehicle is being loaded and if the windows are left down, it can cause future interior damage. If you’re having the vehicle towed to an auto shop for repairs or for storage and the windows are left down the interior is exposed to the elements. Sun, water and debris can enter and leave its mark on your vehicle’s interior. A simple thing as leaving a window down can cause serious damages to your vehicle’s interior if left unattended. To help save you from major clean up or damage to your vehicle’s interior, don’t forget to have all of your windows up.

Take Photos of Vehicle Before Being Towed to a Mechanic

If you’re having a vehicle towed to an auto shop for repairs, it is always a wise decision to take a few pictures of your vehicle’s last current state. Take pictures of all four sides of the vehicle as well as the interior. In the event more damages occur once your vehicle has left your sight, or if you need to involve your insurance company (for example you were involved in an accident) you want to be prepared.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Reseda, Woodland Hills, North Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

It can be stressful having a vehicle towed or being without a vehicle. To prevent further damage beside your current problem, make sure to take steps to avoid some of these common scenarios. For roadside assistance or towing services, contact Cheap Towing today.

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