Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips for Long & Short Rides to Avoid a Breakdown in Tarzana, CA

Breaking down on any commute can be a problem but for motorcyclists, it can be a nightmare. Because the motorcycle offers significantly less protection than most other vehicles, breaking down while taking the bike for a ride can be more than daunting. If you are unprepared for the unexpected while on your motorcycle, it can be even more troubling. While you are waiting for roadside assistance, the lack of visibility and the less observant drivers only increases the potential risks. We at Cheap Towing wants to make sure everyone is safe on the road, including our motorcyclists and at this time we would like to share some tips on how you can stay safer while you wait for our roadside assistance service in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area.

Prepare for Both Short & Long Motorcycle Rides

Ensure you are prepared for your ride. No matter if you intend to go for a short ride or are a planning an extensive journey, you need to be prepared for plausible scenarios. As mentioned, motorcycles do not have the structure of other vehicles, which leaves riders more vulnerable. Make sure you have a few essentials with you to protect you from weather, increase your visibility, and safety. A visibility vest for if you are stranded on the roadside is ideal, a few road flares to increase your visibility, and Cheap Towing contact information along with your cellphone and charger to call for help.

What to Do if Motorcycle Broke Down on the Side of the Road

Pull over to the shoulder and out of traffic if it is safe. Promptly reduce your speed and if traffic permits get out the flow of traffic in the event you realize your motorcycle is not operating as sufficiently as it should. Ensure you use blinkers, arm signals and hazard lights to increase your visibility and make your intentions known and get to the right shoulder if at all possible. Be especially cautious on high traffic roads and fast-paced highways and freeways. Get yourself to a safe spot and if possible your motorcycle. It is prudent you get a safe distance from distracted drivers and speeding vehicles. A narrow and smaller, in comparison to other vehicles, motorcycle on the side of the road is, unfortunately, not always vigilantly noticed by other commuters. To increase your safety, it is optimal to get yourself and your motorcycle as far from the road as possible. However, if you can get to a safer location without your bike, please do it, a bike can be replaced, your life cannot.

Riding Motorcycle at Night Time

Keep in mind waiting in the dark increases risks. Experiencing mechanical failure with your motorcycle is an issue during day-light hours but add darkness to the equation raises the risks incredibly. With the low visibility, getting off the road and waiting on the side road is more hazardous as oncoming traffic less likely to see you. Increase your visibility by ensuring the lights, hazard lights, and blinker is being utilized. If you have a reflector vest, it is optimal to put it on as well. Just be careful and assume no one can see you.

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