Best Flatbed, Wheel Lift or Hook & Chain Tow Truck Towing Methods in North Hills, CA

Towing methods have changed over the years. Most tow companies transport rather than tow. The client’s vehicle is loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported versus the traditional way of having at least two wheels on the ground and ‘pulling’ the vehicle. Both have their advantages and some disadvantages as well. Best Tow Truck for…

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Questions to Ask & Tips to Choose the Best Auto Body Repair Shop Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

It’s not uncommon to get estimates from different body shops. One shop might give you an estimate for $800 while another wants $5,000 for the work. Any business can advertise, but you’ll do better with a shop that friends, family or acquaintances recommend. It’s a business that has proven it can satisfy customers. It might…

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