Questions to Ask & Tips to Choose the Best Auto Body Repair Shop Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

It’s not uncommon to get estimates from different body shops. One shop might give you an estimate for $800 while another wants $5,000 for the work. Any business can advertise, but you’ll do better with a shop that friends, family or acquaintances recommend. It’s a business that has proven it can satisfy customers. It might not be the biggest or best-known shop in your area. Large body shops with a lot of front-office workers probably must charge higher rates to pay their staff. While service delivered by front-desk folks, managers and foremen gives some people a feeling of confidence in the business, it can result in estimates that are padded with non-essential work. When they’re charging more labor hours at a higher rate, your bill can add up quickly.

Questions to Ask Auto Body Shops

Ask the right question when choosing a body shop you don’t go in with your pocketbook open. You go in smart and ask some key questions. Does the shop provide a written warranty? And if so, for how long? What does the warranty cover? Don’t forget to ask how long the shop has been in business. Make sure it has a business license. You will also want to know about the materials the shop intends to use. Are new, used or aftermarket body parts going to be used? New parts are obviously the best and used parts are fine, though they don’t offer the savings people imagine. Depending on the damage to your vehicle, aftermarket parts can save a lot of money and can be just as good as the ones that come from the original manufacturer. If paint work is involved, ask how many coats of paint and clear coat the shop intends to use.

Auto Body Shop Cleanliness & Efficiency

It’s important to trust your intuition about the shop you’re considering. If a shop isn’t busy, maybe that’s because customers are avoiding it because of shoddy repairs. If the place is dirty, cluttered or disorganized, this might reflect the kind of work you could expect the shop to do with your car. Is the shop owner or manager a grouch who seems to resent answering your questions? You’ll be happier with a shop where the owner communicates well and is straightforward with customers.

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